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Posted Sep 06 2011 10:02am
I hope you all had a great long weekend, and a fun Labor Day. Today's post is kind of a combination for yesterday and today. This week, at our support meeting, we will be announcing our NEW NAME and NEW LOGO for the support group. Most of you can see that we've changed names, since the name of our blog is different, but this is our official little "kick-off" for the "new" group.

A little background here... 15 months ago, Colette, Bethanie, and I, along with Dr. Jon Bishop and his staff, created a breast cancer support group called Sister Survivors. We've had a great year of monthly support meetings, activities, and service projects. We also launched, as part of our group, a one-on-one mentoring program, called Bosom Buddies. Over the last year, our numbers have grown to over 75 survivors, and we've tried to provide a support group that can help those survivors to get through their treatments, and move beyond that - to find health, and joy in our lives again. It's been a wonderful thing for the 3 of us to be involved with other survivors in our quest to help and give back after our own cancer journeys.

Earlier this year, Dr. Bishop and his new office staff decided to split from our group, and form another group here in Utah Valley. The reason for the split is simply our differing ideas of what a survivor needs to "move on", and get her life back in order. There is no right or wrong answer to that, but as survivors ourselves, Colette, Bethanie, and I felt like we had a unique perspective and would be able to really connect on a very important level with each survivor. Our doctors and other medical personnel who help us through our cancer journeys play a VERY important and vital role in our lives for the short time that we are going through treatments. However, at some point, we as survivors, must step away from that team and take back control of our lives, and move forward. Moving forward can be a challenge, though. It isn't easy to get past the tests, treatments, surgeries, and check-ups. But, it is necessary. We can't rely on those things forever. Cancer is a traumatizing event in our lives, and we know from experience that being able to talk to other survivors is key to our recovery. So, it seems that a support group for cancer survivors, run by survivors, is best. We do stay in contact with doctors - oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and plastic surgeons - so that we can provide the best support and information to our members.

So, after having run Sister Survivors for so long, we found ourselves without a name or identity, but still supporting over 75 women with monthly meetings and one-on-one mentoring. We've continued to run "the support group" since the split in February. We had a very difficult time coming up with a new name - we went through literally hundreds of suggestions. Over and over. Nothing clicked. And then, one day I was listening to the song Bethanie wrote last year for the big kick off of Sister Survivors support group. As I listened to that beautiful song again, the words had a big impact on me, and a few of those words stood out. When I mentioned those words to the other members of our board, they all got excited - we had finally found our new identity!

I thought today, I would post the words of Bethanie's song here, and give you a chance to read through it. This song has special meaning to all members of Sister Survivors - now Lifting Hearts breast cancer support group. Enjoy! (these words and the song are copyrighted, and all rights reserved. Please do not re-post, or share, anywhere else without asking our permission. Thank you.)


In the twilight of the evening,
On a dark and starry night
Walked a woman with a candle,
Spreading dancing trails of light
Her hand stretched out to succor
All those touched by cancer's call
When the words that shatter senses
Make kinswomen of us all

Wisdom's sister, take my hand,
Give me grace to understand
Wisdom's sister, walk beside me when I falter,
On a path I never planned

With the dawn, the light spreads outward,
Granting warmth and light to earth
Lifting hearts and hands together,
Giving place for a rebirth
Share the walk and share the wisdom,
Of a road both long and real
A simple gift, a sweet renewal,
Comes with trusting we can heal

Wisdom's sister, take my hand,
Give me grace to understand
Wisdom's sister, walk beside me when I falter,
On a path I never planned
Sister, help me understand
Wisdom's sister, take my hand.

As you can see, the words of Bethanie's song really support our ideas of helping other survivors. Anyone who is a member of this support group - or any support group - is automatically put in the position of succoring other survivors. (The light spreads outward, granting warmth and light). What a gift!

Please join us for our monthly support meeting - this Thursday night, Sept 8th, at 7:00 pm, at our regular meeting place - the law offices of Fillmore Spencer attorneys. 3301 No. University Ave. (Jamestown area), Provo. If you have any questions, please call me @ (801)360-4666.

Have a great day!

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