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Mango Extracts Kill Breast Cancer Cells In Culture

Posted Jan 14 2010 7:03am
Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.  One of the reasons they are has to do with the various bioactive phytochemicals found in them.  There is a very large number and variety of these phytochemicals and research continues to suggest that many of them can provide us with important health benefits.

New research from Texas AgriLife Research suggests that phytochemicals in mangoes can kill breast cancer cells in a cell culture test system.  While few details were reported in the press releaseit appears that the researchers tested extracts from five different mango varieties.  The extracts were rich in gallotanninsa phytochemical also found in winegrape seedsand tea.  The researchers found that treating breast cancer cells with the mango extracts interrupted the cell growth cycle resulting in death of the breast cancer cells.  While the mango extracts were able to kill the breast cancer cellsthey did not harm normal cells.

This is interesting research that builds on the potential health benefits of bioactive phytochemicals.  Since this study was done in a cell culture system using extracts of the mango fruitthere is still a lot of research to be done before determining the potential breast cancer fighting benefits of eating mangoes.  Howeverthe mango is an excellent fruit to consider adding to one's diet due to it nutritional benefits.  A single mango fruit is a good source of dietary fiber (~15% of the daily value [DV])vitamin B6 (~14% DV)and vitamin E (~12% DV) and an excellent source of vitamins A (~32% DV) and C (~96% DV).  In addition to being a good source of vitaminsmany of the phytochemicals in the mango have antioxidant properties to help fight free radical oxidative damage.

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