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mammogram found abnormal lump in breast. can it be cancer

Posted by wickedwahine

I went in for a mammogram and ultrasound and just got the results, The doctor told me that i have and abnormal lump in my left breast and now i have to go consult for biopsy surgery. does tht mean that i have cancer. the doctor just said that he wishes he could give me better news. Does it sound like he knows that it is cancer?
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i have a lump on my right breast and know i have 2 go for a ultrasound does it sound like i have cancer.
i just got my results back from my biobsy, i had two lumps in my right breast . one turned out to be fatty tissue and the other fibercystic cyst  i also have the same thing in my left breast. my doctor told be they were benign but i still have to continue with checkups. thank God. 
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