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Losing It

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:12pm
I'm getting a head of that 'sheeps butt' hair that Caroline talked about. It's iron gray. It probably had been that color, but when you dye your hair regularly for, say, ten years ( okay, I lied, twenty ), you lose track of things like say, what color your hair really is.

I'm losing track of a lot of things lately. I bought some naproxin for the joint aches. I brought the bags home. I set the bottle (still in the box) on the counter. Lord knows where it went after that. I bought my poor dog a bone. A bag of them, actually. I opened the bag. I gave him one of them. I put the rest away. Where? Darned if I could tell you. After several days of hunting in vain for the naproxin, I bought another bottle. I couldn't find that one either. Tim located it. I'd left it in the car. ('Oh, yeah, that's right, I was reading the label...') During that recent trip to Lowes, when I found all the plants on sale? I lost my cart. Confused, I turned this way and that. "Where'd my cart go?" A helpful woman said, "Is that it over there?" It was. In a flash, I realized that I've become one of those 'poor dears', the befuddled elderly people who I used to feel sorry for. Scotty put a link on his website: Scientists are developing an artificial brain. It should be ready to go in ten years. I hope they hurry up, because I'm having grave doubts about how long the one I've got is going to last. I'd lose my butt if it were not attached. The truly amazing thing? I have not lost (nor broken) a pair of reading glasses in some time. Probably because I'm so busy losing everything else (except my butt, as previously mentioned).

Anyways, I wandered off and forgot the point of this post. I was talking about hair. It's getting curly. It looks okay, I guess, and I'm darn glad to have it, but you know, the other night I dreamt that I had long hair. I dreamt about the normal things of my life, about working, and cleaning house, and visiting people, but I kept shaking this glorious head of hair. I woke up at some point, and laid there half asleep, smiling a little at the dream, wondering how long it would take until that dream was reality.
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