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Living with cancer: my husband’s perspective

Posted Aug 01 2010 12:00am
August 30, 2010 - Posted by tamilb
The Boehmers on their Utah vacation this summer.

The Boehmers on their Utah vacation this summer.

My husband Mike keeps our family blog going now that I’m focusing more on this one. He’s a wonderful writer, and sometimes his posts are so good, I have to share. I was talking with Mike the other day about someone who is really discouraged about her stage IV cancer diagnosis and what I could say that might help.

I remembered something from metastatic breast cancer survivor Ann Fonfa’s story in From Incurable to Incredible. Someone had called her and said, “I’m dying from cancer.” Ann responded, “You’re living with cancer! Get that dying stuff out of your mind!”

Like Ann, I believe your focus is crucial, and for me, I’d rather focus on living.  My husband was worried that I’m not doing as much visualization as affirmations as I had in the past. I told him that the reason I don’t is because I’m too busy doing all these wonderful things in my life, and because of it, I’m more confident that I’m well and will stay that way. After some thought, he agreed.

Here’s my husband’s take on it:

 Tami talks a lot on about living with cancer. It’s about enjoying the blessings of each day while keeping the cancer at bay and ultimately getting rid of it.

In the past week, for example, Tami and I went to dinner and a comedy club. Tami, Chrissy and I enjoyed a Reds game. And Chrissy started 6th grade. We worked, did chores, exercised, went to church, attended recovery meetings, spoke with newcomers to recovery and/or cancer, paid bills, did chores…

But, also, Tami mentally/physically prepared for the first of her two-step outpatient SIRT surgery. The first procedure takes place next Thursday. She has to be at the hospital at 10; the prep procedure starts at noon. Then, several hours of recuperation.

Within two weeks, they’ll actually insert radioactive beads in an artery leading to the tumor on her liver.

Meantime, we’re headed back to Indianapolis to meet with Dr. George Sledge. Tami’s concerned about pain in her armpit again, and we want to make sure the hormone blocker is working. Also, Dr. Sledge is on the cutting edge of breast cancer research and we want Tami to benefit from any breakthroughs.

On the non-cancer front, Tami and I are both excited about attending s social media marketing bootcamp led by Krista Neher, a great speaker and teacher. We’re thinking we’ll learn a lot that will help us both me at work, and Tami with her book promotion.

That’s living with cancer one minute, we’re trying to decipher a scan report; the next we’re filling out Chrissy’s school forms or reading something about marketing.

And, in between, we’re expressing thanks to the Higher Power (God) for the many, many blessings in our life.

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