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Live Sincerely

Posted Sep 12 2012 12:40pm
September 12, 2012 - Posted by tamilb

Vanessa Tiemeier (left) and fellow Scar Project model Diane Featherstone at our Friday night viewing party.

This past weekend, I had the honor and pleasure of getting together with some of my Pink Ribbon Girls friends to watch the Emmy-award-winning documentary Baring it All . The documentary follows New York-based fashion photographer, David Jay, and four brave women – all in different stages of battling the disease – who become subjects of his groundbreaking photographic series, The Scar Project . Our guest of honor was one of the amazingly brave and beautiful women featured in the documentary, Vanessa Tiemeier.

Vanessa was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 20s in 2006, right after marrying the love of her life, Billy. They wanted to have a family, but when her cancer metastatized, that all changed. Now she is in Hospice, but you would never know it by looking at her. She is fully engaged in her life, and is actively pursuing her dream of encouraging everyone to pledge to live their lives to the fullest through her Live Sincerely Project . It started out as a motto for the graphic design business owned by her and her sisters. Vanessa adopted it as a way of life after being diagnosed and now wants to share it with the world.

Here’s the pledge:
I will live sincerely.
I will learn from each person and each day on my journey\u0003
and will share ideas and wisdom from my own experiences.
With a grateful spirit, I will acknowledge my need for others
\u0003and will in turn be loving and generous,\u0003
remembering that every member of a community plays a unique role.
I will remain strong in my convictions
\u0003while keeping an open mind to perspectives beyond myself.
Courageously, I will respect each movement of my heart,\u0003
through fear and joy, grief and peace.
I will cultivate my passions with delight
\u0003and also take time for honest introspection.
I will love the person I am today
\u0003while constantly striving towards my best self.
I will keep a healthy balance between the rewards of discipline
\u0003and the growth and wonder that spontaneity brings.
I will acknowledge both the marvel and the limitations of my body
\u0003and respectfully take care of it the best I can.
Accepting the reality that there are circumstances I cannot change,
\u0003I will seize my power to actively change that which I can control
\u0003with hope and creativity.
I commit to living each chapter of my story:\u0003
honoring the lessons and gifts of my past,\u0003
fully participating in the fleeting beauty of the present,\u0003
and bravely walking towards the unknowns of my future.
Knowing that life is an enduring but glorious struggle,\u0003
I pledge to live each day with purpose.

Vanessa’s face really lit up as she discussed how many people have signed the pledge. Almost  800 people have taken the pledge so far. Can you help her reach 1,000? To take the pledge, go to . And also remember to take a picture of yourself holding a Live Sincerely sign. You can post it the Live Sincerely Project  facebook page,. Make sure to share it with your friends, too.

Oops! The orange one got cut off! :p

The first five people who comment telling me that you took the pledge will receive these cool Live Sincerely magnets!

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