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Life Happens

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:50pm

It's been a month since the joint soreness started. The first tests came back negative for common things like Lyme but showed a high score on one test which indicates I could have some sort of inflammatory arthritis? Or maybe it will pass soon and we can write it off as an unknown virus.

Took some more blood today while I was getting my usual course of Herceptin and she is sending the results to a Rheumatologist whom I will be seeing soon. Click here to learn more about rheumatology.

In the meantime I should take one Ibuprofin 3x a day and see if that reduces some of the ache/pain. I've noticed that I have lost some strength in my hands.

I saw the plastic surgeon last week in Boston. He said he cannot do the surgery until I am at least 6 months out from radiation. So I am looking at breast reconstruction somewhere around Dec or Jan. I will explain the reconstruction details at a later date.

It has been sore and achy under my right arm along my side (where I got the rad) and am guessing it is delayed effects from the rad. Sounds like I am falling apart!! But I am not.

I have been taking the Tamoxifen for 7 days as of tomorrow ~ so far so good.

Fatigue is a daily irritation but I push through it. Am still walking but have to slow it down at times because my joints will act up on me.

So besides these little complaints life is getting better. Or I should say my attitude, perception, emotions are more smiles than frowns.

Life Happens!


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