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if my right breast always hurts and has a lot of lumps in it, my right arm and right leg and foot alwasy tingle, r they related

Posted by angievai

i have my right breast that always hurts, some discharge comes out at times, and it has pains, and the nipple itches all the time, it drives me nuts! lately, my right arm hurts to lift, and move much, and it has pains that keep my up at night. I cannot lay on my right side anymore. My right leg is bothering me now too, it tingles, and i get pains in it a lot, and numbness in foot. Do you think they are all related?? I dont' have insurance, so i have been putting off going to the doctor to get mamogramm, could they be related, or do you think  it is just a coinsidance? please advise.
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Hello I have been having the same exact thing happen to me, my right breast is sore and my arm goes numb at times, esp. at night. My right leg at times feels numb or tingly. Have you had any luck funding the problem?
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