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I think it's day 10.......

Posted Jul 31 2008 12:00am
Just letting everyone know that I am doing okay. I have had a few rough days as it seems you just get rid of one side effect then another seems to hit. This one we are not sure if it is a side effect or a bug I have picked up. I finally had to call the clinic today as bad stomach cramps and well you know what comes with that...sitting in the bathroom every time I try to eat something. Oh joy!!!! They are making sure though that I don't get dehydrated or then I would be in trouble. Anyway the Doctor told me to get some Imodium...YUK, so Jean got some after work. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it works. I am getting cabin fever!
We got a hepa air filter yesterday and what a difference it has made in the air in our livingroom. I knew the air in this place has always been bad but this really proves it. Maybe my manager will change the carpeting and underlay if I mention it because that has been a huge problem for us since we moved in.
A long weekend is coming up and I am hoping that I can come out of hibernation, lol. I mean I need at least one week to get out before the next chemo.
I told Kim I may get Tucker to have some fun with my hair when I get it done....maybe a mohawk...anyway we just want to make the best of a bad time. I wonder what I will look like!
I actually spent a bit of time today on the computer creating a new header for my blog. Hope you like it....just needed some spicing up.
Think my next thing will be to make a design to iron on a t shirt.
Let me know what you think of the new header....on my blog....not on me yet,lol.
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