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I lived in a house and was exposed to numerous toxins. Now I have breast cancer. Are these issues related?

Posted by svenrulz

We bought a house in May, 2007 and after 26 months and three contractors, it came to light that the house was built illegally over an underground stream that periodically floods the basement.  When it floods, there are vermin, snakes, and a number of dangerous toxins from the run-off above because the Russian Builders failed to waterproof the basement - as a matter of fact they did not build the house according to the Uniform Building Code at all. But this makes no difference to the attorney general for Washington who tells us this is a private matter!
I went to the city offices to ask for a copy of the inspector's report and I was told by the ladies who work there that the inspector really does not inspect the houses.  why should he?  The city passed laws that forbid anyone from suiing the city or the inspector.  I paid a state inspector to come re-inspect.  He took one look at our house and rescinded the original approval.
Later, I met a man from FEMA who said we would never get our house fixed because our town is the most corrupt town in the state of Washington.  I must say he is correct - when the EPA was planning on coming to investigate, I was overjoyed.  I spent a day cleaning the grey hair and grey snow off the floor.  When I would try to mop it up - it would clump up, turn black and stick to the floor like glue.  I had to scrape it off the floor with my hands.  Only later did I realize that we did not know anyone with grey hair and it was not snowing!! The stuff that I cleaned was deadly toxins on the first and second floor.  
Outside the house there is a big black patch of something growing.  It is a good indication of the interior of the house - the part that cannot be seen.  One expert cut part of the wall away and tested it - aspergillus, stachybotrus, penicillium and countless other toxins were found.
The builders simply put 4 cut-off valves in the basement.  Any waste water was directed to the east side of the basement which was directly under Jennifer's room.  Jennifer now has some horrible disease - after searching we found that she might possibly have Klein Levin Syndrome.  She certainly seems to have the symptoms - although her identical twin does not.  It must be somehow related to that miserable house!
The waste water was so heavily concentrated in the yard and basement,  it created a split in the yard - an indication the house could slide any time.  The flooding, run-off and waste water simply rose to the next floor and ruined the walls and floor not to mention the interior of the house.
 All pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, ant bait, mouse and rat poison and any other horrible chemical used by the people who lived above us found its way into the basement.  We were breathing this stuff for 26 months and had no idea we were in such a dangerous environment.
I might mention that Washington has prehistoric weeds and the landscape people treat these weeds with a double batch of very dangerous weed killer - it is much worse than DDT.  The weeds supposedly came when Mt. St. Helen's exploded, at least this is what I was told.
One day about a month ago I went back to the house (we are still paying for it even though we cannot live in it and it cannot be fixed).  I saw a four foot purple haze from the ceiling down.  It was curious!  What was it?  I assume it was part of the toxic mess that continues to grow in the House of Death.
Now the doctors all tell me the breast cancer I have has nothing to do with the environment of that house.  Even though the WHO has many articles that link breast cancer to toxins, the doctors are not aware of this.  I wonder why it is so hard to convince someone that there indeed is a great possibility that the toxins we were exposed to needlessly had a direct bearing on my loss of good health and possible early demise?  Why is this?  Its obvious to me that the house was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Even worse, the state of Washington gives the Russian builders and the crooked city officials a pass. We have repeatedly asked the state and the county to condemn the house to no avail.
The EPA cancelled their visit after the man in charge became irate and refused to allow the EPA wokers permission to come investigate.  Even though the house has contaminated the ground water, the big pooba at the EPA would not allow the EPA workers to come and investigate.  Harming the salmon and the steel head?  Well no kidding.  I would not eat anything out of that river.  The EPA keeps it hushed up by not allowing any investigation to take place.  That really is the last attempt I have made.  After sending countless letters trying to alert someone to this travesty, I simply gave up.  I have breast cancer and I can only pray no one breaks into our house and gets as sick as I am.
The city turned a report over to my husband last summer - 26 months too late - it tells of the underground stream and the requirements made by the geologist for the lot to be prepared prior to building.  It was not prepared and the city sat on the report until an attorney we know called and demanded to have all papers pertaining to the house.  WE have no chance of winning a lawsuit.  It would be a huge waste of money. We are not the only ones to be cheated by the Russians over a construction issue but I would bet we are the ones who were hit the hardest from a health perspective.  WE have no hopes of recovering financially.   We simply want the house condemned so no one else will get as sick as Jennifer and I have.  Jennifer needs to be tested for her disease but we are stretched thin right now - breast cancer and then making two house payments - what a sad statement this is about our society.  
The Great Big New World Order is here I fear.  I already do not like it. 
What is your opinion, please?
Thank you for reading this horrible story. 
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What a horrible story. I'm not sure where to begin, except to direct you to this article.

A little food for thought:

Best wishes 

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