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I have a lump under my armpit. It doesn't hurt, it isn't red, and you can't see it. It does not move, but you can feel a mass of

Posted by paulnewt

I have had this lump only a few weeks, it feels hard to touch does not move, but can feel mass of tissue around it.
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It could be a case of blocked lymph nodes. However, often blocked lymph nodes results in pain. Since you do not have pain, it could very well be an alternate cause. Nonetheless, here is some information on lymph nodes: The lymph system relies on gravity. If you have seen the lump after you have changed your diet (to a worse one) or reduced your amount of exercise, you are likely to have blocked lymph nodes. The bad stuff settles where it is. Try to increase your exercise and improve your diet by eating healthier foods. This site ( explains blocked lymph nodes and how to unblock them.
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