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I have a lump on my left breast that is not cancerous and a soreness in the same area but on my right breast. What could be the

Posted by Kristen.lee

I have a lump on my left breast and have had it checked out and its not cancer. Something else that has been bugging me is i have some tenderness on my right breast in the same area that the lump is on my left. I was thinking it may be bruising from my bra or somethign so i have been switching and that hasn'tseems to change anything. Any suggestions?
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The lump on your left breast could be Fibroadenomas (most common in women ages 30 to 35, teenagers, and those who are pregnant), breast cysts if they are tender during the menstrual cycle (most common in women aged over 35), or Fibrocystic changes if the lumps are grainy (which results from fluctuating hormonal levels). This site may help you diagnose which of the above the lump may be ( Usually, breast tenderness occurs as a result of hormonal change or hormonal replacement therapy. However, there are some rare causes of breast tenderness that include breast cancer, medication use, breast cysts, breast trauma, prior breast surgery, breast size, mastitis, stress, and alcoholism. If the lump and tenderness continue, consult a doctor for further advice.
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