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I am experiencing a burning sensation when passing urine and a bloated upper stomach as a result of taking anastrozole. What cou

Posted by pavithra

I am  post lumpectomy patient .I have been asked to  take anastrozole  tablets.i  have been  taking this  for the last 14  months But for the past  2 weeks  i  have  burning sensation  while  passing urine  which  i  mistook  for  urinary  infection  but the tests  proved  i was  wrong   and  some what  bloated  upper stomach  . otherwise  i am  hale and  healthy   i get occasional  headache and nausea .
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Both of the side effects, the burning sensation and the bloated upper stomach, are known side effects of anastrozole. However, if they continue to bother you, you should contact the doctor who perscribed anastrozole to you and ask him for an alternate drug to take that will not cause the same side effects.
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