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Hysteroscopy & D&C

Posted Jan 05 2010 6:19pm

Over the weekend my bleeding turned into flooding and freakish sized clots. By Monday morning I was close to passing out so I called 911.

Good that I did. I needed 2 transfusions as my red blood cell count was down to 27 (a healthy count is 40.) My blood pressure had dropped and I was pale as a ghost. It took over 7 hours to get the 2 transfusions which brought me close to a 33 so I could have the D & C to stop the bleeding, which was going on 14 days. I stayed overnight for observation and all went well.

The doc said he saw a polyp in my uterus and a cyst on my ovary via the ultrasound. He suspects my ovary has decided to come out of shock from the chemo and start menstruating again! Gosh I hope this was a one time episode.

He should get the results from pathology by Friday as to what was in my uterus, if anything.
For now I am hardly bleeding. YIPPEE! The D&C seems to have worked. phew.
My RBC is back down again but I should be able to get back to a normal count on my own now that I am not bleeding.

So was home by early afternoon today and have been on the couch since. Will try to gain some energy and strength back over this week so I can get back to work and activities. I am getting restless.

I am on the mend.

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