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Hero’s Dinner: celebrating the book

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am
February 12, 2010 - Posted by tamilb
Left to right: Randall Reese, Paul Falk, Yvonne Cooper, Nancy Hamm, Hannah our waitress, Mark Lyons, Steve Scott, Tami Boehmer (me) and Beth Franks

Left to right: Randall Reese, Paul Falk, Yvonne Cooper, Nancy Hamm, Hannah our waitress, Mark Lyons, Steve Scott, me and Beth Franks. Cathy Lyons is behind the camera, taking pictures!

Call it luck or divine intervention. Last month I was having lunch at Noodles & Company with a friend and put my card in their fishbowl. I didn’t think much about it until I received a call congratulating me that I won a “Hero’s Lunch,” a meal (actually lunch or dinner) for 10 people. Basically, people can order anything they want and you get treated ike royalty, making you (the person who won it)  the hero of the day.

Right away, I knew who I’d invite: all the people here in town who have made this book and blog possible. Everyone has contributed either by offering their services at no cost/reduced price or sharing their stories. They are the real heroes, in my opinion. My only wish was that I could invite all 27 people who will be in the book. But they are all scattered around the country.

Attending were Miracle Survivors Steve Scott, Nancy Hamm, Yvonne Cooper and Paul Falk, each who have shared their incredible stories for the book and this blog. Also there were Beth Franks, my amazing and caring editor/friend; Randall Reese, who is designing my cover;  and Cathy and Mark Lyons, fabulous photographers responsible  for my headshot and family photos you see on this site.

Unfortunately, my dear friend Jami Elliot, who is funding my expenses for publishing the book, couldn’t attend. He made it all the way down from Indianapolis only to succumb to a nasty bug he caught from his son.

It was wonderful to have everyone meet each other and have such a great time. It really felt like a book launch party even though the book is not yet launched. Cathy started taking a bunch of pictures (like the one on this post) and the people at the table next to us asked if someone famous was there! I laughed and jokingly said to the person next to me, “Not yet!”

Well back to the nuts and bolts: finishing the book. I need to have it done soon if I want it out by spring! Have a fabulous weekend!

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