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Have You Checked Your Breast?

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:52am

The MEIK photo taken from Mobecomm's Leaflet

Alhamdulillah, the Apa Kata Wanita show on RTM1 went well. Yesterday, clad in Black Habaya and bedazzled red tudung, I tried my utmost best to shoo away the many dragonflies and butterflies in my stomach... hahaha... I thought at one time, my face froze and I couldn't get the smile to look genuine. The compere Zamzarina was good and her friendly and cordial way had helped a lot in taking away the stage fright I had...

I was elated to see Dato' Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah, we chatted while waiting for our queue to be called on the show ( I confirmed with him that Zuraini Kamsah, my ex-schoolmate is indeed his sister!). Seeing the audience also cramping my stomach even worse. This was not my first time to appear on TV but I still had that crawling-like-alien in my stomach. One time, I thought I wanted to pee, and another I thought the long nature's call is calling...

I persuaded myself that this was another amal ibadah that I need to do...a fardhu kifayah duty to educate people especially women not to be scared and afraid when they hear about Breast Cancer (BC). BC in the physical form is very wicked and gory... look at the photo below and you'll know what I mean. But before it reaches that stage, we can do many things to prevent it... that many things we call efforts, usaha or ikhtiar in Bahasa...

One of the many things, is to do the Mammogram check. And it was indeed a blessing for me that yesterday I know about the equipment to do complementary mamogram check called MEIK (see the photo above). I was given the privilege to have the check done on my right breast and my left concaved chest. The last chemo detected that the cancer cells on my left chestwall had shrunk tremendously so I thought having it check again using this device is good, at least I could know if the device was able to detect them still. Alhamdulillah, the result was wonderful... coming out from the checking room I smiled broadly. Syukur... I was informed if the result is below 0.9, it means no cancer cells are active. Mine was 0.3 for right brest and 0.59 for right breast. Do I still need to do ultrasound this month? Yes of course, because I still need the full report from Dr Sulaiman Tamanang to confirm the clear condition on my right breast. By the way, I still need to do the abdominal ultrasound to check my liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and ovary ( the cooked one after they radiated it last Jan...hahaha).

Using the device is not painful, unlike the mammogram that we know. There are no steel plates pressing our breast. The iron ( seterika ) look alike appearance of MEIK tells that you just need it to be pressed on your breast to get a better coverage for the 256 electrodes to detect any abnomalities of the cells. While one hand is placed under your head, another hand is clasping a handheld clip that sends small, safe pulses of electric current to initiate the process.

Then on the computer, the nurse will see 7 images like the MRI's (tomography images of the breast). Having a red dot or dots or images indicates the presence of active cancer cell. I understand that the process can be compared to a CT or PET scan but without the presence of radiation and x-ray. So if you are concerned about being radiated (I understand even in normal mammogram, the radiation is too little to cause harm to our body cells) you can opt for this device to be used on you and then go for an ultrasound to confirm it.

Mobecomm has started promoting this device broadly in the country. They also have a mobile team of specialized nurses to attend to your need. You can call them if you want to try out this device and get information about the charges at their centre as well. Their number is 03-2283 1235 or go to this website for further info. Dato' Dr Siddiq a consultant of Sidiq Specialist Medical & Rejuvenation Clinic located behind Tawakkal Hospital in Jalan Pahang Barat has this device too in his clinic. Call his clinic 03-4025 3979 for information about this device or charges.

I'm not the spokesperson for both of them. I'm just telling you, we now have the improvisation of innovation in our country, so we can eliminate the perception that doing a mammogram is one painful task therefore women face some reservation to do it. We now have good painless device to detect active cancer cells... of course it doesn't come free but if you have an organisation that is big enough maybe your company/unit/association can have further disccustion with Mobecomm. (My darling sisters... kak ton, kak ena, kak pi, kak marina, D, kak elle, ummi365 and many others, if you are reading this... have you done the check?)

Please get your breast checked. Your chest need to be checked to dear men. Why? Because we do have cases of BC on men. We don't call it chest cancer for them even though men do not have breast... It's just a name understood in the medical world.

Look at the photo below again... gory isn't it? Go... go... call the nearest women's clinic and have your breast checked! You know the issues with your breast, if you have any of these 6 symptoms go find your doctors to do further test:
* A swelling anywhere on the breast
* Any skin irritation or dimpling
* Any nipple pain or nipple going inwrad
* Redness or scaling on the nipple or anywhere on the breast
* A nipple discharge and you know it's doesn't look like milk
* A lump in the underarm area...

If there's a lump and it is not painful somemore, don't think it's a fine lump. It could be the wicked cancer cells forming into gory aliens like the photo below... So please be concerned... be extra concerned.

Love your body folks!

Advancing Breast Cancer on the Breast - photo taken from Internet.

Bounced and posted by Raden Galoh
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