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have had a lump in my left armpit since oct.08. have seen dr.and done tests but lump now spread to left chest ,breast area?

Posted by reesespcs

i am a 29 yr old female with family hx of breast cancer. mom had it at 18. experiencing lump in left armpit that has now spread to chest and breast. have had mri done . negative for lump . but i havent had a mammagram or ultrasound done either . have had this since oct. i have lost 50 lbs w/o trying to. and i havent had any pain until now . i will get an achy throbbing in my armpit and down my chest and it kinda feels like "stick to your ribs" feeling . like theres something stiff in my chest wall and pectoral muscle area ,puffy like . should i go get a second opinion? i know it isnt hormones . i dont have any. i had a hysterectomy at age 22 from bloodclots. i have survived 3 PE's and am being  treated  for DVT for life with daily bloodthinners. please help . if this is something to worry about i would like to get it taken care of . thank you .Reese
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