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Hat’s Off to Nancy

Posted Feb 02 2010 12:00am


I happen to think bald girls in hats are really very cute, and yet, I never thought of myself that way when I had my very own shiny scalp. I covered that thing with a wig the minute my hair was gone, and I only took it off once my locks were back. I’m sure most chemo-stricken gals would agree: it’s really hard to look at just a face.

I mean, hair is important, just look at the whole industry built around it. We shampoo, condition, straighten, curl, color, fluff, puff and otherwise primp most days of our lives. It’s quite shocking when the hair is gone, which is why I admire those — like Nancy — who can just slap on a cap and proceed with grace.

Nancy has been a breast cancer survivor since June 1, 2009, when she was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. She’s been documenting her journey on her blog, Milk Dud Warrior, which you really should visit, but in a nutshell, she’s had surgery, chemotherapy and she’s now in the throes of radiation. Her story is inspiring, and I promise you’ll like it. Bonus: you’ll get to see her in the loveliest of hats!

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