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Happy Moments!

Posted Dec 27 2009 11:26pm
With Desert Rose ... (sis haven't we met before?)

Kak Teh, sis-inlaw KakMamasita, KakPi, Me and Shahieda of Cape Town

Desert Rose, KakTeh, Zendra, Pi Bani, Shahieda, Mamasita Mamamia (standing from left)
Edelweiss, Kata Kama, Zendra's daughter and Yours truly (sitting from left)

The year is ending. The spirit for the new year is high. The schedule got tighter. Tight with work? No, that one is slowing down, but now busier with matters relating to schools-the books, the attires and everything coming in between. Still, I have time for some get-togethers, especially those that I know boost my positivity up and increase the serotonin secretion in my brain. The after effect? Blissssssss.....

Yes, I was having a good time. And still marveling about those moments. I had a lunch session with Shahieda at the Dome KLCC last Thursday then on Friday, a family reunion for my cousin's engagement and later at night the session for a thanksgiving feast and cukur jambul for the newest addition of the family members... The good feeling continued when the next day after the Qi Gong Massage session, the 4 of us decided to have our quality family time with the spring cleaning and I managed to tend to my garden that I had neglected for many weeks.

Come Sunday was the moment waited for a couple of days - another bloggers' meet. This time at the Seoul Garden Restaurant One Utama. Oucchhh! One Utama, been ages I haven't stepped my feet there. Luckily MH had a good memory about the place so we didn't get lost finding the place. The man and 2 boys saw their lookout places-Toys R Us, Jusco, Parkson and I told them: take your sweet time browsing your collectible items ya... (deep in me I was implying, I needed my own sweet time hanging out-laughing,borak-ing with all my friends too hehehehee)

Considerate as ever, MH told me not to worry, just texted or called him once I was ready to leave. Lovely! With a dash, I left them and headed to the restaurant. I stopped at the restroom, making sure my bladder is emptied or else I might peed when I laughed too much...hahahaha and while walking towards the restaurant, I saw someone looking very familiar... oppsss... she was familiar indeed! It was KakPi and I knew I would rock the restaurant as I saw her... (we can meet and forget the surrounding, I tell ya!)

What can say about the meeting? It was a blast! Kak Datin Mamasita was a lovely host, she went to restaurant a day earlier to check on the food and on that day, she simply entertained us. Wow! Kudos sis... And not only that she is as ever cheerful and loving but also friendly and full of energy.

Then KakTeh called her saying that she's lost somewhere heading to the RainForest area. I voluntered (because I wanted the exercise...hehehee) to fetch her and Shahieda... and then after the hugging and introducing we started browsing the buffet spread.... hmmmm.... delicious, sumptuous, tantalizing delicacies were offered. A bit here and there, I took each one to taste. Truth be told, I never know what would be the Korean food except Kimchi. So I told myself, I better tasted them bits.

With a slight full tummy, I needed a break. And in that moment KakTeh got a call from Kak Puteri asking for the direction. She passed her phone to me as she herself was not familiar with One Utama Shopping Complex. Again, I volunteered. I needed the walk around abit for a breather. It is also good as I reached the restaurant again, I got hungry back. Hehehehe

The hotplate was getting as hot as our conversations and laughter. The other table had session of gathering too I believe, but nothing beats our shared laughter! The accompanying men were splendid and sporting too. I am shy of Datuk SAK (Datin's hubby). So when I bumped into him at the dessert corner, I really bit my tongue coz I didn't know what to say to him. Would the topic of ice-cream and jellies interest him? Hahahahaha...

Another detailed update, read: Mamasita-mamamia , Pi Bani , Desert Rose

Today, at lunch hour I had another session with Pokku's daughter Elisa. We already planned to have this lunch session with Shahieda for quite sometime, way before she's back from Saudi Arabia. And today, having the upclose and personal session with Elisa at Chinoz on the Park was lovely. With Shahieda along, we exchanged stories and experiences that made us laughed till tears welled in our eyes. The laughter continued. The bliss spread. The silaturrahim between us was apparent even though we have never met before. Parting was very difficult yet we couldn't run away from it. We know, the spirit, friendship, and sisterhood will continue.

Time flew so fast. But fond memories like this stay long enough to make me miss each one that I have met.

Today, another proclaimation emerges. God's love and bounties are abundant. With my journey, many hands are stretched to meet mine. With this hurdles, many prayers are answered to make the difficult path an easy one. Thank you God for the many wonderful things you have given me. Thank you.

Sessions like this, make me continue to submit my gratitude to him... they are small incidents but they are significantly priceless moments.


"Ya Allah, jadikan aku hambaMu yang sentiasa bersyukur dengan nikmat-nikmat yang Kau beri. Jadikan aku hambaMu yang melihat dengan pandangan mata hati. Nikmat yang Kau beri ini terlalu indah mewarnai hidupku. Jadikan sujudku sembahan syukurku padaMu. Basahkan lidah dan hatiKu dengan zikir kepadaMu... Ya Robb... mudahkan yang sukar bagiku, mudahkan, mudahkan, mudahkan... Ya Latiff... ringankan yang berat bagiku, ringankan, ringankan, ringankan... amiin ya Robbal 'alamin."

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