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Happy Anniversary Darling!

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:52am

July is the month that fills up many important events in my life. Many family members were born in the month of July too. And July was also selected as the wedding month for many of us. As years passed by, the passing of my mother-in-law, Mak Mahyar, was also in the month of July. July is the month for bliss and grief. Al-Fatihah.

We picked this day in 1994 for us to tie the knot. And this morning after I kissed his hand, we just looked into each other's eyes and wished Happy 15th Anniversary. I don't need a present for this occassion. To be around him is already a present. To see his smile is already a present. To receive his daily kisses is already a present.

Blessed is what I feel. MH has been the exceptional husband and caregiver. Who he was never matters. I had closed the chapters prior to the cancer attacks. The journey with him when I was diagnosed with cancer not only changed me, but also the husband of mine, that we all call him MambangHijau or MH. His love blossoms when I thought this cancer would make him find another woman. The preconception that was told over the years that when the wife is strickened with the dreaded disease, the man of the house would run away and find some one else. But MH changed my perception. Not only he stands by me, he takes the major roles in the house. I mean, not only he finds us the money to support our living, he does the house chores too.

Darling, today I want to write something for you. Something that every time I want to say it out, words got blocked in my deeper throat. Some things that meant more than just I love You. Some things to let you know that I can't be this strong without you.

Yes, Darling, this poem is for you:

Remember the day when we first met?
And you could never spell my name right?
It still tickles my heart
Even now when I see that in the greeting card.

Remember this day 15 years ago?
When you said you found me and don't want to let go?
It warmth my life with the love you show.

Remember the day when Adam was born?
I held your hand so tight and blew my horns?
It still makes me teary eyed
You kept my bedside with worry that never died.

We sailed a tumultous marriage sea
It was so hard but we brazed it free
We almost lost each other
But God made us found our love to bind us stronger

I thank God everyday for He made you mine
When I thought you were too old for me that time
This day since many years ago
Your tender love has tamed my ego

Thank you Darling
For keep on believing

Thank you Darling
For keep on loving

Happy 15th Anniversary Darling!

Bounced and posted by Raden Galoh
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