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Halloween Theme: Fat Necrosis (dress up as the fatty lump in Brandy's chest for Halloween!)

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:08pm
Best news ever: FAT NECROSIS! Biopsy is clear. It took them a goddamn while to get back to me, and I have my suspicions that the only reason the doc called was because she read this article in the Straight about me: Cancer Affects Young Adults. She called me and said, "Did my secretary call you?" "Um, nope." [I had called and left 2 message with her secretary AND called my family doc and asked if they had gotten the results from the cancer agency.] Dr. Doc: "Well, everything looks normal, so bye!" "Okay, bye!"

Done, done, and fucking done.

Now I'm just trying to deal with the rusty robot arm I have. It's this massive set of knots and kinks lodged in my pec, shoulder, and neck region on the right side. It's pretty uncomfortable. I went to my massage therapist on Friday, and she said that I have a lot of fascial tissue built up around the muscles, causing them to tighten. Help!

Oh yes, and it's breast cancer awareness month. Make a donation to any of the various breast cancer organizations--and while you're at it, tell them to throw more money on research on young adults! As you can see by the article in the Straight, a tiny microscopic miniscule amount of money is directed to cancer research for people ages 20-40. It's really shocking and sad.

I'm sure a lot of you have read about Christina Applegate's breast cancer ordeal, and for me, it was pretty weird to read about a celebrity going through a similar situation. Weirder yet is that she and I have the same birthday (except she was born 4 years before me). Is November 25th a good day? Or cursed? Anyway, I do feel a connection to her, even though I don't know her at all. We've suffered from the same evil disease. Hey Christina--if you're reading this (yeah, right)--call me! Let's write a book together! It would kick cancer's fucking ass!
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