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Ha wuchaoshan mountain were described through analysis on the rockets and "afraid afraid" combined 2.97 million lifting wire? Ea

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:08am
Patterson and parsons everything combination, although the salary additive is only 2.97 million, but show power has made a lot of the team feel fear, from this level, the rockets will tell not only have haring combination, and "afraid afraid of" combination... The rockets home to a 124-116 victory over the jazz, going back to 5 into losing. The game haring combination scored 37 points total 15 assists, and patterson (micro bo) and parsons the pair combination performance more Cheap Nike Hyperfuse 2011 exaggerated, the total send 39 points and 10 rebounds. The patterson twenty points and seven rebounds, parsons added 19 points. In everything, parsons role is more important. Nickname "GaoShuai rich" he function is various, can organization can also score, although the parsons only sent out three assists, but the offensive end gave the team a series of action, it is obviously so far this season, he averaged to contribute 15.7 points, seven rebounds, 3.5 assists is the team's second-leading scorer and rebounder, 3 assists hand. Besides parsons today is on the offensive end completely destroy opponent, contrapuntal carol full 8 throw in 2 to 4 points, only three rebounds and caocao call it a day, so in parsons this point, the Rajon Rondo Shoes rockets to the opponent has obvious advantages. As for his role how important, see a play your rocket performance and then know. A war thunder, parsons for shoulder injury, Hugh city attack chaos, and ultimately be easily calm. Of course besides parsons outside, patterson performance also worth mentioning, as power forward today he also amazing to millsap formed repression, the latter the 11 for only 3, only 12 points, 11 rebounds, and patterson is got the twenty points and seven rebounds. In the last game against thunder brush out after a career high, patterson seems to is not going to stop their steps forward, it is his three consecutive games contribution and + data the. Quietly between, patterson current averaging data has been upgraded to 14.6 points, became the team's 3 scorer. At the same time the game and he hit a 3-pointer 2 remember, at least for the third straight game made two 3-pointers. From a level speaking, one can not only low single eat, and both distance range, also can cast outside the big striker, apparently Jeremy Lin Shoes rare for him. More importantly, parsons and patterson everything, total pay is only 2.97 million! The parsons top "GaoShuai rich" nickname, salary is prick silk level 880000 in this league, belong to a minimum; And patterson are no better, this season's salary is only 2.09 million, everything is the combination of the league, is 30 team striker, most of the poor. But even so, patterson and parsons is present a "we are prick silk who we are, tube who you are all c" attitude, as for the evidence? See parsons in Miami, and patterson and thunder, and everything was the last few games performance, then it's crystal clear to me. 57.1% shooting, 19 points and eight assists only 2 turnovers, LinShuHao played since the start of the season the most efficient game. Nearly four games, LinShuHao is averaging 13.5 points and 7.3 assists and steals, shooting 57%, 42% from three, a significant recovery. The rockets in the home to a 124-116 victory over the jazz, a loss to the thunder after Saul haze. The whole game, LinShuHao brave performance, his 34 minutes, 14 shots 8, 3 2 1 shot, free throw 2 penalty 2 had 19 points and eight assists 3 rebounds 1 steals, there were only 2 turnovers. The third quarter off his single section 9 points, the fourth quarter of life and death moment he continuous layup Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes inroads, help the rockets keep playing. 19 points and eight assists, 57.1% from the floor, LinShuHao three data statistics are not a season-high, 19 + 8 + 3 performance, also with the eagle as opener of 21 + 10 + 7, but this is LinShuHao this season is the most efficient one game. After all, play the eagle, LinShuHao percentage is only 37.5%, seven assists appear 3 turnovers. Today, his shooting nearly 6 become, eight assists only 2 turnovers. From the old club with the knicks game started, LinShuHao as if opened the ren and du two vein, suddenly found the state of last season. Nearly four games, he is only 1 game shooting 50% no breakthrough, averaging 13.5 points and 7.3 assists and steals, shooting reaches as high as 57.1%, the 3 point shooting was 42%, in addition to steal, his various data are better than the season much higher average. LinShuHao has come back in late November, December he used a 19 + 8 efficient performance for himself has made a good beginning.
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