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great weather and a nice afternoon at the marina

Posted Oct 28 2012 8:19pm

Feeling sick today. Think maybe it might be the chemo that actually got infused before the reaction time. We were going to go to a movie, but we ended up going for a drive because I could not bear the thought of being inside on such a gorgeous day. We drove alone the shore and went to the marina where we sat a while and enjoyed the scenery. Between the people, the birds, the boats and the shimmering water, it is always so refreshing to me. Marvin got me some root beer, which I have been craving for some reason and finished the afternoon with a float. It was sheer delight and just enough to ward off my taste.

Not thinking about tomorrow. Just relaxing and enjoying being together with Marvin on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone back east is preparing to be safe for hurricane/storm Sandy.

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