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Posted Jun 03 2010 5:59pm
Yup. Another surgery.
A few weeks ago I had pain so bad in the center of my chest which radiated across my chest and back into my should blades. I could not relieve the pain. Sit, lay, side to side - no relief.

After hours of dealing and hoping it would subside I finally screamed: "I Give!"

Des drove me to the hospital and they ran some tests, gave me some pain meds (finally relief) then more tests and finally found the culprit. Gallstones.

Who would have thought?

So because of my test and lab results I will be having yet another surgery July 1st to remove my gallbladder. I will have an MRI next Friday to see if I have any stones stuck in the common bile duct. If so I will have to have a procedure with anesthesia to have them removed before I have the gallbladder removed.

I am thinking of making a name plate for the ER door with my name on it.

Currently I am doing OK but I keep pain meds on me at all times in case of another painful attack.

Besides that I am enjoying my life.

It is a good life.


{{{One day at a time.}}}


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