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Frustrated and Upset

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:19pm
Well, I went to see the surgeon today with great apprehension and well-founded, as it turned out. He completely skipped over the MRI results which showed a suspicious area and a possible recurrence. He kind of bowls people over with a torrent of words, verbal diarrhea, you might say. He tried to pass off my pain and he refused to listen to me. I finally yelled at him and said "Why the hell don't you listen to your patients??" His ego was hurt and he told me that I better get another doctor. All attempts to soothe his ego failed. He left the room, then came back, did a prick point exam on my breast to locate tender spots. He said a mammogram may not cure the pain problem. I said "What about the MRI?? Isn't there a possibility the cancer has come back?". I also told him that the radiologist mentioned I may have a different and more aggressive form of cancer. He said he will order an urgent wide biopsy and see where we go from there. I apologized and said that I was in a great deal of pain. On a scale of 1-10, it would probably be a 15!! So, now I have to wait for a call to schedule me for the biopsy. This man is an excellent surgeon as far as surgery goes, but he is severely lacking in communication and listening skills.
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