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Feng Fei Fei suddenly visiting face carefully

Posted Dec 10 2012 4:40am
Mongolia as the Supreme Commander of the the blue feather Army cavalry troops, first trying to set up a have a combat capability cavalry battalion, the initial troops in about 1000.
    Cheap nfl jerseys in this period of time, there is one thing put a great deal of energy, and that is about the development of wireless telegraphy machine. Schmitt is a rare talent, however, even a genius, groping in the dark also takes too much time, cheap Womens North Face Jackets nfl jerseys can not wait, he had to once again break the rules established by God, leaked a lot of secret, greatly speeding up the wireless telegraphy machine production and the practical application of the process. the efforts of two cup carry crude wireless telegraphy machine finally sample after preliminary experiments, its dissemination of information to the distance from Gaoyang government successfully transmitted to the winter fortress However, if you really want to invest practical application, he must have more details of the areas that need improvement.
    Feng Fei Fei suddenly visiting face carefully, said: Caused her singular look cheap nfl jerseys curiosity, he could not help but suspiciously, said: Phoenix started falling gently said: cheap nfl jerseys's called a cry, stunned, said: Feng Fei Fei dignified air and said: Nimule lucky enough to escape and, after several places, and finally we reluctantly come defected He said the important intelligence report to you, I asked him what he died are reluctant to say. North Face Vests Jackets cheap nfl jerseys slightly thought a moment of quiet and said: See Nimule, cheap nfl jerseys should almost not recognize who he is. Nimule is so haggard originally very sturdy and tough in just three months, seems to be taking the time to fully the general body, a stooped hunchbacked old man. everywhere on his body or new or old scars, there are the cuts, Jianshang, arrows, whip marks, extortion, almost imagine the torture appliances , there are some wounds and even started to rot because of the inflammation, appalling, his ear is missing half the faces soldering iron branding traces, deep to the bone.
    fall into such a field.
    Nimule tongue burns, speak a little turbid. Turned out, after he was sent home, is preparing to offer an apology to Tilan gole when has Tilan gole ordered secret prison
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