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Family Package: Humaworm Parasite Cleansing Updates

Posted Jun 01 2012 5:38am

According to Dr. Hulda Clark, the family of a cancer patient will need to go through parasite cleansing as well, so as not to reinfect the patient with parasites. So, I purchased the Humaworm Family Package last month.
All of the ingredients in this parasite cleansing product, Humaworm , happen to address all of our family members’ issues, digestive, malabsorption, teeth decay, weak lungs, snoring, teeth grinding, panda eyes, vertigo, even my irregular menstruation, and hopefully Nanay’s cancer too. Parasite cleansing seemed to be Gerson Therapy’s weakest point. I believe they should incorporate Parasite cleansing as part of their patients’ regimen. Maybe they do. I really hope they do. All those raw juices and vegetables can be a source of parasites. All of the nutrients in it are beneficial but the parasites are not. Whether parasite is the real cause of cancer or not, is highly debatable, but then if you have to research the benefits of each herb in this parasite cleansing product, all of them have anti-cancer properties too.
Nanay’s Round 2 Week 1
This is her second round of Parasite Cleansing ( the first one was last year, using Paraway ). She was a bit apprehensive with Humaworm as it comes in a cheap looking zip loc bag instead of the snazzy packaging of other herbs. I told her that I have researched about Humaworm and that there are great reviews of how effective it was. It is also very practical, I can purchase enough supply for 30 days for the whole family(3 adults and 1 child), for the price of 1 month supply of Paraway for 1 adult. She took the capsules almost begrudgingly and every time I ask her if she see any worms in her stool, she would say none (which I know means she does not bother to look), that is her way of saying she thinks Paraway is a better product. She still took the capsules every day anyway, without fail. I have to keep reminding her to take psyllium husks though, she even bought another package of psyllium husk when she ran out of it. For the last 2 years, she have been passing lots of stringy long substances almost everyday, so I would be surprised if she still have a lot of worms today.
The other day, she seemed to have a severe healing reaction (flu like pains and runny nose). Kept asking her if she have fever, she said she does’nt. I prepared her breakfast as she was too weak to get up (buckwheat pancake, slices of dragon fruit and orange juice with 1/8 tsp of vitamin C). I asked her to take 1 aspirin and 50mg niacin tablet together with her orange juice with 1/8 tsp of vitamin C. She took it without complaint. Before going to work, I put the niacin bottle and aspirin on her bedside table and reminded her to take the Triad (Aspirin/Niacin/Vitamin C), every 4 hours until the pain subsides. When I came home, she was all fine (as if nothing happened). Thanks to the Gerson Triad, she overcame her first healing reaction for this round of Parasite Cleansing.
Tatay’s First Round (Week 1)
Tatay is currently overweight, and so bloated like me. Usual symptoms, pot belly and bloated cheeks and neck. Due to his old ways (being a recovered alcoholic and chain smoker), he breathes heavily and snores so bad when he sleeps, that he have to sleep in the room farthest away from us, so as not to disturb us. Unlike me, Nanay and Zarah, he does not have digestive issues. He can easily move his bowels anytime (probably because he have an easy, unstressful life). Sometimes, I envy his simple-mindedness (which I sometimes call ignorance), that he does not have to think too much to be stressed just like me and Nanay. Anyway, regardless of how I feel about him, I still have to take care of his health for Zarah and Nanay’s sake, and probably for mine too.
The first 2 days, we have noticed his belly becoming a tiny winy bit flatter and his cheeks/eyebags less puffy. So, when he started complaining about having 4 bowel movements everyday, we asked him whether he feels a significant difference in his overall well being. He said, yes, he seemed less tired and does not have to huff and puff with just mere standing up. I think the Humaworm, helped to clear his airways (probably even his lungs), so he can breathe better now. He also agreed that his stomach is a bit flatter now. But he kept complaining anyway (he complains about everything so its not new to me). I told him, he have to do it for Nanay and Zarah. He was a bit offended when I told him that if he does’nt clean his body, he can reinfect Nanay and Nanay would not heal. He muttered something, which I purposedly ignored (I do not have to hear it anyway). Now, he is taking the capsules religiously without my or Nanay’s prompting.
On his 7th day, I heard him screaming in his sleep. So, I woke him up from his nightmare. I’ve read somewhere that nightmares can be one of the reactions from parasite cleansing. I really do not have to ask him whether he see worms or not. Am sure he would’nt bother to look at it.
Zarah’s Round 1 Week 1
My 6 year old daughter Zarah started her dose, last Monday, as it’s the start of her month long school holiday. I hope all the kids in her class will also be dewormed by their parents. Yeah, yeah, wishful thinking. I remember when I was a kid, it seems deworming children was the norm. Our family doctor, even prescribed a deworming medicine for me. I can still vividly remember the white/pinkish (almost 12 inch long) worms that I have passed out when I was about 7 to 9 years old. Seriously, I really think that conventional doctors should prescribe deworming to children and even adults.
Anyway, Zarah has not been showing any reaction from Humaworm yet, at least not yet. Coincidentally, Humaworm, which contains black walnut hull, can also help to remineralize teeth enamel. According to what I have read, all foods that mimic the structure of the teeth (hard enamel = hard hull, soft teeth pulp =soft core, can actually promote healthy teeth by helping to remineralize it. It is interesting to note that black walnut hull is anti-parasitic too. Could it be that the parasites are eating the minerals that should have been a significant part of our teeth and bones? So, when parasites die, we have more minerals for the rebuilding/remineralizing of teeth and bones. This makes sense to me. Dr. Weston Price researched about the cause of tooth decay being mineral loss and that the presence of bacteria in the mouth is an after effect. Teeth loses its minerals, therefore becoming soft, so the enamel is destroyed, leaving the pulp exposed to bacteria, promoting the profileration of bacteria in the mouth. The classic chicken and egg story again (which comes first, demineralization/softening of enamel or the the proliferation of bacteria?). Regardless of which comes first, I guess both issues must be addressed. It could also be true that weak digestive system (all 3 of us have weak digestive system Nanay worst and Zarah being the mildest)…may cause malabsorption of nutrients, which then causes teeth/bone issues.

My first round – Day Two
During the last 6 months, I have had delayed menstruation, which I addressed either by doing coffee enema, taking TCM herbs, or drinking sage tea. All induced my menstruation, but the blood was scanty. Found out a few months back that wormwood ( Artemisia ) , one of the herbs in this product can enduce menstruation. So, aside from my bloated distented stomach, I have another reason to take these concoction of herbs.
Knowing that I could be the most toxic person in the house, I decided to do bowel cleansing first, with combination of my DIY fennel seeds capsule , DIY turmeric capsules , Lugol’s Iodine and GNC cascara sagrada. It helped to move my bowels daily. I saw mucus in my stools everytime I take Lugol’s iodine at night. I did this for 2 weeks.
I started my first dose of Humaworm the other day. As expected it induced my menstruation , this time would normal to heavy flow (which is what I am used to having until last year). Today is my second day, and my menstruation is a lovely medium to heavy flow too.
Being the family researcher, I took it upon myself to investigate my stools this morning. And yay! I saw “them”, black , round and chubby worms, just sticking out of my light brown stool. Tried to dissect it with the water coming from the shower head, and I saw some strange things that looks like skin of liver flukes or parts of a tapeworm. Cannot really tell, but I am sure they were not something I ate. I told Nanay that my first deworming experience is a success. She just said, GREAT!  She then asked me to do my coffee enema… which I was so reluctant to do, as I do not want to see worms crawling up the enema tube and bucket (wild imagination yes..).. Anyway, I did my coffee enema with a lot of prodding from Nanay. We are such a team don’t we.
Well, I am so happy that Humaworm works just as good as the Paraway, and probably is much more effective too. I remember Nanay passed her first few worms on her second week on Paraway, I had mine on the first 2 days of Humaworm.
Verdict: Humaworm works just as well if not better than Paraway and is more practical for the whole family. I also highly recommend this to people who have life long issues like eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, body odour , panda eyes, bloated stomach. This has no ill side effects (the healing reactions are well part of healing, so you just have to brave it up), that is why I can openly recommend this to anyone.

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