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Exposing myself … in a good way

Posted Nov 01 2009 12:00am
November 20, 2009 - Posted by tamilb
Read all about it ...

Read all about it ...

I’m someone who hates getting her picture taken – unless they take out all the wrinkles with PhotoShop, and it’s approved by me. Until recently, I have avoided attention.
I guess this cancer diagnosis has changed
things. I take chances, like exposing details of my life on this blog and book.

When I was working in public relations, I would always have someone else in front of the camera or being quoted in the newspaper. Never me!  But I took the leap this week into the media arena.

If you remember Wednesday’s post, I was a bit irate about the government task force’s recommendations on breast cancer screenings. I thought I’d put my anger and PR experience to good use by contacting a reporter at our local paper. I recommended she talk to the president of Pink Ribbon Girls, a support group for young survivors to which I belong. Well, she wanted to talk to me.

So I shared my story with her as I was driving my daughter Chrissy home from purchasing dance shoes. Yesterday, a photographer came to our house to take pictures of us playing Wii and petting our cat. It looks like we’ll be in this weekend’s paper.

Did I mention I hate getting my picture taken? Then I thought of all the people in town who don’t know my circumstances. And what if I said something dumb that people might take the wrong way?

Luckily another question comes to mind: How important is it? It’s not cancer I’ve certainly had worse things to overcome than this!  

Maybe the article will encourage a reader to do a self-breast exam or mammogram – despite what some committee says. By the way, I was listening to NPR and found out the panel did not include one breast cancer specialist. When the host asked why, the person had no response!

We’ll see how the story turns out. Maybe I will even share a link to it in Monday’s post … unless I said something stupid.

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