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exercise routine, if you can call it that

Posted Jan 07 2013 10:14pm

One of my Facebook friends posted about a new year’s resolution to perform a series of some 50 to 80 squats every day. During my active dancing and teaching days, this would not be out of range. I had to laugh now, however, because I have been trying to do squats to regain some strength in my legs, and the most I can do before collapsing is 10. These squats are, for safety, with a chair in case my legs give out, and, as of the last day or so, go to a position with my thighs parallel to the floor. I can tell you that I am working very hard to do these, but it has been over a week without one missed day.

The recent hospitalizations, infections and antibiotics took so much strength from me that some days have been scary. I have been very careful at home, especially when I am alone, to walk with my walker in case I become wobbly. Before that procedure in September, I was able to walk in my place without the assistance of my walker. I was also choreographing dances that I could manage with or without the walker, depending on how strong I felt on a given day. After the complications and hospitalizations, I came home feeling as weak as I have ever felt. I don’t even allow myself to think about it as I want to get past this period with the hope, and my exercises, that I will regain some strength.

Now, although I am not walking at all on the treadmill for my minute-at-a-time workout, I am walking very short distances with and without the walker as of a couple of days ago. I am hoping to work on climbing the stairs at some point, but I will wait on that exercise until the squats yield some benefit.

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