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Estradiol levels and affairs

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:04pm
Well gents if you're married to one of us gals who have decreased estrogen, whether from medication, hysterectomy, etc the news says you no longer need to worry about us stepping out on you.

That's right, according to researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, women who have higher levels of estradiol (a type of estrogen) are more likely than those with lower levels to flirt, kiss and engage in long term affairs.

Now the bad news. The study is ridiculous. The title sounds impressive Oestradiol Level and Opportunistic Mating in Women but the sample size was 52, laughable. The women sampled were ages 17 to 30. To me that sounds like a researcher who was looking to meet women age 17 to 30.

Turns out that is probably not the case as the lead researcher on this is a PhD candidate, Ms. Kristina Durante who is working on a dissertation dealing with "Intrasexual Competition Among Women: The Influence of Same-sex Rivals on Women’s Purchasing and Risk-taking Behavior Across the Ovulatory Cycle"

Now the way I read that title is: Women competing against each other: The influence of a hot neighbor on shopping and drinking too much around their periods.

I have no problem with psychology and actually find social psychology very interesting. My problem is that this was picked up by the media as "science". It was published in the Royal Society of Biology Letters for crying out loud . Sounds very scientific doesn't it? Just my opinion of course, what's yours?

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