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Endometrial Biopsy & Depends

Posted Dec 29 2009 7:00pm
I {{heart}} Depend.

I have been bleeding heavy and the Overnighter pads were not quite doing the job. So I bravely went to CVS and bought some adult diapers. I wish I had bought these back when I had raging periods. These are fantastic! No worries about overflowing a pad as your entire underwear is a pad. Genius!

Is this a sign of getting old? Loving adult diapers? No - I think it is more about comfort and reliability and ease of use.

(One caveat: one must wear a long coat and a long shirt to cover one's ass or you look like you have a severely dimpled butt.)

My gynecologist set me up for an ultrasound yesterday. He also has me doing a 5 day run on Provera which is progesterone to see if it will halt the bleeding. Within 2 hours of taking my 1st pill it slowed my flow from a gush to a trickle. Amazing. Then this morning it started gushing again.

Thank goodness I was wearing my trusty Depends just in case.

After my 2nd pill today it slowed again. It seems to last about 12 hours. I have been bleeding for 8 days now. I have less energy, am tired and extra cranky. Best for all I live alone.

My gyno now wants to set up an appt next week for an endometrial biopsy. A simple in-office procedure. This will give him a better idea of what is going on down there and rule out cancer.

Tamoxifen increases the possibility of endometrial cancer but I have not been on it for any long length of time. A few months here and there then finally quit it because of the painful joint pain. Was getting ready to start Aromasin again and hoping it wouldn't aggravate my ankle/foot pain then BAM! I started bleeding.

No estrogen blockers for me until I stop bleeding.

So that is my update.

C'est la vie,

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