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eek, chemo?.. err

Posted Jun 29 2009 4:46pm

I had a mastectomy of my left breast almost 2 weeks ago and the healing is going so well!  I didn't expect to be able to move around this well.

 The nausea, however, was unexpected.  Antibiotics and anesthesia are no joke!  Thank goodness it's mostly gone.

But what is this?  They said that I wouldn't need chemo.. now they're saying that I probably will!  What gives?  I hate the uncertainty and I'm not so sure about the scary effects of chemo on the body.  So of course, I did research.  

There is some evidence that fasting for 48 to 60 hours before each dose of chemo can significantly lessen the negative effects on the body.  I'm all about that.  Aparrently, it has something to do with the bodygoing into a sort of protection mode while the cancer remains active.  Studies have been done on cells and mice but we're waiting for human trials.  Feh!

 Now I love food.  I think that I have some sort of obsession with it.   I managed to break myself ofsome bad habits and I lost 40lbs in a healthy way over the last couple of years.. recently I started an extremely low cal diet.. like 500-1000 daily with an occasional "splurge" day of 2000 calories.  Surgery came up and I started to eat more, knowing that very low cal diets are bad for surgery and healing.  Now it's over and I'm trying to eat healthily.. food still sits in my head a lot though.  It's strange.  It's like half of the time the concept of food is alluring and the other half of the time it's disgusting.  Off point..

I HOPE LIKE CRAZY that I don't need and won't have chemotherapy.  It aparrently can ravage the body, age you, kill your healthy cells, and cause all sorts of things from heart disease to bone trouble to early menopause!

But if I DO end up getting chemo, I'm really thinking about trying this 2 day fast before each dose of chemo.  That's only 4 days each month.  The idea is to try and return to normal eating after the chemo dose, which is what worked in the trials with the mice.  They were much less nauseos than the control group and were able to eat more and retain much of their weight... not that I couldn't stand to lose some.  I'd like to make sure that I make it through all of this and remain strong and healthy.



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