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do i have a breast cancer?

Posted by shantiswe

i have a enlarged lymph node in my armpit with skin puckering. i could not feel any lump in my breasts. i dint mensturate for past 3months with negative pregnancy test. is it a estrogen secreting breast cancer?
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Whether you never had breast cancer but you want to increase your odds of early detection, you’ve recently been diagnosed, or you are in the midst of treatment and follow-up, As everyone knows breast cancer and medical tests go hand in hand. Screening tests (also known as mammograms) are given routinely to people who appear to be healthy and are also not suspected of having breast cancer. Their purpose is detection of breast cancer early, before any symptoms can further be developed, the cancer usually is easier to treat. Diagnostic tests like biopsy are given to those who are suspected of having breast cancer, either because of symptoms they may be experiencing or a screening test result. These tests are used to determine whether or not breast cancer is present in your body and, if so, whether or not it has traveled outside the breast. Diagnostic tests also are used to gather more information about the cancer to guide decisions about treatment. Once breast cancer is diagnosed, many tests are followed during and after treatment to monitor how well therapies are working. Monitoring tests also may be used to check for any signs of recurrence.

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