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Deciding if I should have a bi-lateral mastectomy

Posted by Goobergirl69

I have a question and am looking for feedback from others-  I had a biopsy due to bleeding from my left nipple which indicated cancerous cells. Mammogram nor Ultrasound indicated anything. I had surgery for the 2nd time on 6-22 where they removed more tissue and yet again more resulting in surgery 6-29 where they removed my nipple and took about 1/2 of my breast. At this point the pathology reports are showing that some cells were in the process of becoming invasive. On 7-29 I will have a mastectomy on my right side. My great grandmother had a double mastectomy in her 20's and ovarian tumor/cancer in her late 40's and my mother hasn't been to see a doctor since I was born (40yrs) I have no idea about her health. I have concerns about the other breast... I did arrange to have an MRI on the left breast which shows nothing. I don't want to have to possibly go through this in a few years with the left side I am contemplating a bilateral mastectomy.  Must decide by tomorrow.

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I think I would remove both as I had ILC almost three years ago I had two lumpactomy's to try saving my breasts but the cancer had spread so I had to have bilateral mastactomy. I am glad I did I had reconstruction diep\tram flap 12hr surgery it was rough but I am glad I did it. Hope this helps and best of luck with your decision. God Bless xxxxxxxxxxxx
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