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day of doing

Posted Dec 11 2012 5:14pm

Doing. That is what I did yesterday. Feeling as weak as I do, doing mostly anything is quite a feat for me. Yet, yesterday I walked my walker down the sidewalk from my door to the end of the building and felt quite smug when I was able to get all the way back to my chair. I was breathing hard, but I was not out of breath. Today, hoping to repeat my performance, I did the same course and added a half course more.

Do understand this is a very short course. But I hope to keep adding to it. Being able to complete what I am doing without becoming short of breath feels very good even when my legs feel so weak they are near buckling by the time I finish. I figure that with the increased load each day, modest as it is, I should regain some of the strength in my legs and be able to start climbing stairs, one or two at a time, I’m sure, and eventually get myself back upstairs to my real bed.

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