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could these symptoms be breast cancer

Posted by Beverley H. Facebook

i had a mammogramm 2 years ago for small lump and pain in left breast but was given all clear. But the pain has started again like a toothache in left breast and still got small lump,
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Although you got the "all clear" two years ago, if you have a persistent lump in your breast, you should see a breast surgeon for a careful breast exam. A painful lump may be a sign of an infection, but a good physical exam by a physician would be a necessary fist step in figuring out what is going on. Many lumps in the breast are benign, but your doctor may want to do additional testing (for example, a repear mammogram, an ultrasound and/or a biopsy).


thanks i am going for another mammogrammm and ultra sound under the two week rule but i am making myself ill worrying
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