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Core training for the Prenatal Client!

Posted Nov 11 2009 12:00am

Core stability training should be done in the first trimester.  A variety of core exercises should be completed, from core stability to core strength.  After the first trimester caution should be given to having the client lying completely flat on their back. One should still continue to do core exercises standing, such as oblique twists, standing crunches and most functional movement patterns with the upper and lower body integrating the core with total body movements.  Here are some examples!  Also check out my past posts on Core Training in 3-stages!   I will address the SI joint issue in my next post.

Let’s remember everyone anything movement pattern you do whether it is a standing row, press, lunge, or squat pattern you are using your core muscles to stabilize.  Be sure to do the drawing in manuever! Pull in you belly button gently as though you are putting on a tight pain of jeans.  This will activate your transverse abdominus muscle and give support to the low back area.



How long after giving birth should you start training your core again?  When is it advisable to start working out again? The typically guidance after a vaginal birth is 6 weeks post giving birth.  If a c-section was completed a longer recovery time is needed and the trainer should consult with a physician.  Women should begin immediately with kegal exercises and core stability work after giving birth.  This will teach the brain how to activate those pelvic floor muscles which are a part of our deep core stabilizers.

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