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Posted Nov 23 2012 1:12pm

In every way it is wonderful to be home. This morning I am having Marvin’s marvelous brew of java that I love so much and salad for breakfast, a treat for me since I can’t eat salad with this current chemo as long as my while blood cell counts are low. Also, my sister and brother-in-law are visiting from Ohio and arrived late afternoon yesterday. It could not be a more spectacular holiday weekend especially since I felt actually good yesterday and this morning after I got my fever back down to near normal. I have not felt this decent, though I am very weak, in a long while, and for that I am really grateful this Thanksgiving Friday.

I am keeping busy with the medications that came home with me from the hospital including my breathing treatments every four hours, which I can’t say I did yesterday on that schedule. I will try to be better today along with drinking more water, which Marvin keeps reminding me I need to keep up. Two ounces every 15 minutes. That’s the goal. I will also try to walk in the loft a little bit today to start building strength in my legs. I have been sleeping on my hospital bed downstairs as I am unable to climb our 14 stairs to our bedroom. I miss being in my big bed, but I have to get the strength back first before I can do that.

Compliance with all of my patient duties is my goal: to regain my strength and get back to chemo forthwith, which I am not doing today because I just do not feel strong enough to endure it this soon. I cried this morning at having to make the decision not to go, despite my oncologist’s approval for me to do it today, but I think I need a bit more recovery before jumping back into that. It scares me to miss chemo, as it always has, but I feel this is the right decision.

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