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chemo brain strikes

Posted Feb 18 2013 8:13pm

Saturday and Sunday were both outings for me, so today I am recuperating. After an attempt to get blood tests this morning. Apparently, my feeble brainblame it on chemo braindid not put two and two together that on Presidents’ Day the outpatient offices at UCIMC would be closed. So my dear friend came to pick me up this morning at the start of her very busy day, drove me the 20 miles only for me to find out that it was all closed up. I have not done this too often, thank goodness, but I have to admit I have had a couple of mixups in scheduling.

Thank goodness my friend is sweet and, at least, it gave us some talk time. It also got her back home early enough that she did not have to rush out to her appointment. We will give it another go tomorrow morning first thing, but for the rest of the day it’s probably nap time between some TV time since sitting up at the computer feels like I’m pushing it.

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