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Celebrating the Ordinary – Seventh Day

Posted Sep 01 2012 12:09pm

In extraordinary times, the ordinary takes on a glow and wonder all of its own. Mike Lancaster

The final day of Marie’s challenge dawns upon us. I’ve thrived throughout this exercise of paying tribute to the ordinary in our lives, in these times that truly are astonishing. Eye-popping, even.

Today I feature my oldest son at 3 at the Oakland Zoo in California.

Nothing is as thrilling as being lifted by Grandpa!

Now I’m smiling because my baby brother is sleeping and I have Mom all to myself.

I love this ride. I can drive my own car without having to pay for loans, registration, maintenance and insurance.

Mom and I get to ride a horse that goes up and down. Hope I don’t get too dizzy. (Oh the joy of a carousel ride! This little boy’s great grandpa used to restore carousel horses for the City of Rochester, NY during the depression. He never lacked for work during that time.)

Aren’t giraffes crazy looking? How come his legs are so spread out? Does his neck ever hurt from straining so much?

And how about those tortoises? They may be slow, but, my, are they big!

And finally, the petting zoo, where I can beg Mom to buy food for these starving animals. How different this guy feels from the bunny fur and scratchy beard in “Pat the Bunny ” that Mom reads to me every night at my insistence.


These had to be some of the happiest times of my life, when wide-eyed boys viewed the most ordinary as a miracle, when my parents were alive to witness it all. It’s been a pleasure to feature an extraordinary little boy awed by a world made wondrous by those who create zoos.

May we never lose that sense of wonderment!

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