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Posted Sep 11 2009 2:12pm
Today was a momentous day. I finished the radiation, and the staff marched me out the door to the sound of 'Pomp and Circumstance'. It felt great to be done. So great. I stopped to look back at the building before getting into my car. I remembered how much I dreaded entering that building the first day. A rough calculation shows that I have been there 120 times in a six month period. Somewhere along the line, I got over dreading it. Now I don't have to return until May 29th. Seems incredible. I celebrated with a $4. cup of cappuccino.

Today was warm, and in the 70s. 23 degrees for you Celcius folks. I can say it now. I was a little worried about going back to work. I wondered if I'd be able to handle my strenuous job. Today I worked in the sun, and I worked hard. I carried my back pack sprayer for four hours. I walked and walked and walked. My body met the challenge. I did four treatments, and two of them were major operations. I've got to get another pedometer (the last one went through the stinking washer...). I know I walked at least four miles, part of it through heavy underbrush. I'm tired but triumphant. I can do this!

Tim's birthday was Tuesday. Since he works second shift and I work first shift, we decided to celebrate this weekend. So today I stopped and bought Tim's birthday presents. A special birthday card too. We've been through a lot since his last birthday. It was a rocky beginning, but we both got our footing, and continued on. Seemed as if we should not only be celebrating his birthday, but us, the two of us as a couple, a marriage that withstood some major shocks this year.

I'm a woman who wears work boots and sturdy denim to work each day. Now that I have eyelashes again and can wear mascara, I happily get up and put on makeup each morning. This simple routine has made me feel like a woman again. That's worth celebrating too, so I went to the consignment shop and bought myself five tops, feminine airy tops. Three of them could be called 'sexy'. I spent $16.49 to celebrate the return of myself.

We've got a lot to celebrate, Tim and I. The end of cancer treatment. Both of us working again. I'm just as strong as ever. Our marriage is stronger than ever. He's turned 52. We are so very blessed. Tonight, when Tim gets home at midnight, his wife will still be awake. For the first time in a long time, there will be candles in the bedroom again. There will be gifts for him to open. There will be a card that tells him how lucky I am to have him. And we will celebrate.
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