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Can you get a broken rib during tissue expander/implant exchange?

Posted by Deena

In November of 2009 I had a bi-lateral mastechtomy with a tissue expander implant put in.

 This past week I had the expander removed and replaced with silicone gel implants. My left side is fine, but the right side is very painful. I have been on norco (1 tab every 4-6 hours) since the surgery 4 days ago. Could I have a cracked or broken rib? From the moment I came out of the anesthesia, I felt the pain which runs from under the right breast, around to under the armpit. I just don't understand the difference in the two sides, and why the right side is still very painful. I am right-handed, but do not feel that I have done anything to make the right side so much worse than the left. Thank you for any consideration you give this question.

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