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breast lumps

Posted by msw

i am 18 and have just been to a specialist doctor about my breasts as i went to my doctor with a lump on each this > but the doctor i saw today said she could'nt feel anything and looked at me as if i was mental, just lumpy tissue, however my mum, friends and boyfriend can all feel the large lump on each breast, it's hard and just next to/under each nipple. It's been 6 weeks now since i noticed them and it's causing my skin to stretch and wearing bra's uncomfortable. I also have a red mark under my left breast that's itchy. Should i wait a while longer and go back to my gp? or just hope they go away. I know my own body and i know this is'nt right. I'm not implying it could be anything like cancer but it's just sore and i feel noone is listening because i'm only 18. Also, could it be connected to a pelvic infection? (i'm on antibiotics for it; got it after getting cold coagulation on my cervix for hpv virus and CN11 changes.)



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