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Breast Lump Issues

Posted Nov 01 2012 11:49am
There are various conditions in the breast that may cause lump formation. Interestingly, there are some simple rules to verify whether or not a lump is benign. Although some lumps might be temporary, the crucial concern with any lump is that it may represent a breast cancer. Every lump needs to be examined by an experienced healthcare professional who is competently qualified in breast health and anatomy particularly with regard to age and medical condition of the patient.
                   Tissue sampling is the only method to ascertain that a lump is benign. In most cases, a simple core biopsy can establish a definitive diagnosis whereas in some cases, the tissue obtained with the core biopsy is insufficient to make a definitive diagnosis. Therefore, a repeat core biopsy or an open surgical removal of the lump is necessary. If, after complete assessment and adequate tissue sampling, the lump is established to be a benign one, just routine follow-up is advised, so the patient is at no increased risk for the future development of breast cancer but there are a few benign lumps that signify an increased risk of developing breast cancer. In such cases, a more aggressive follow-up is indicated. Whatever be the situation, No lump issue should be handled in panic nor should you ignore it. Just an informed step ensures that you are on the way to recovery. After the first diagnosis, a comprehensive second opinion is the best approach.
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