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breast cancer.

Posted by lholcomb

MY grandmother just got diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast. its something called inflammatoryy breat cancer. what can i do to help her?
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Many Americans use telemedicine to obtain

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The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation might be able to provide some information.
My name is Taweesak Klinkong from Thailand. There is a doctor who spent all his life devoted to all kinds of cancer treatment.  His herbal medication works very well on most cancer especially breast cancer.  His name is Dr.Sommai Thongprasert.  His contact number is +66 86 123 5599.  The herbal medicine stop the formation of the tumor blood vessel completely. Resulting of this the tumor starved and shrinked.   It is very interested medication.  Many patient survived for many years. 

Thanks with appreciations for your comments above.

Yes, it is true, breast cancer can be cured but the patient must heed the doctor's advice when undergoing the dosage course until proven completely cured. Most important advice, do not consume seafood, such as, prawn, crabs etc. Egg also pose a big threat in the process. Best is to used olive oil for cooking. 

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