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Breast Cancer - Various Causes and Risk Factors

Posted May 20 2010 8:48am
The exact cause of the breast cancer is yet unknown. But according to many scientists there are many factors which are responsible for the growth and development of cancer. Some of the factors are age which is beyond our control and drinking habits which can be modified. Some of the main causes of cancer are -

1. The risk of breast cancer increases with the increase in age. It is said the woman at the age of 50 is at 8 folder higher risk than the women who are at 30. Usually 80% of the problems of cancer are developing in women at the age of 50. Nowadays the maximum death among women is due to the cause of this cancer at the age group between 40 to 45 years. Among younger women below the age group of 35 the problem of this disease is uncommon except the women who are having the family history of the disease.

2. If already any woman is suffering from this problem then the chance of having breast cancer in the other breast increases. The cancer in the other breast occurs completely from the different location it has not occurred or spread from the previous one. But the possibilities of developing new breast cancer in the other side increases by 0.5% -0.7% every year after the initial diagnosis.

3. This case of breast cancer is not very common. Only 15% of the total case of breast cancer appears to have hereditary cause of developing. About 85% of the case of the breast cancer appears due to different factors. Women whose first degree relative like sister, mother or daughter are affected by this disease then the possibility of breast cancer in that women increases by two times. Risk of this disease also increases by 4-5 times when any women's relative suffers from breast cancer before menopause and in both the breasts. If breast cancer has affected in several generation then the possibilities of breast cancer also increases in the current generation.

4. Hormones are also one of the main causes of it. It may be the result of the longest known exposure, especially female sex hormone known as estrogen. For this reason the possibilities of breast cancer increases in the woman who have a history of late menopause, no pregnancies, late pregnancies, early first menstrual period, intake of birth control pills.

There are many other causes of this cancer like use of alcohol, fat, radiant exposure, environmental pollutants, cigarette smoking, abortion etc.

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