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Breast Cancer Risks

Posted by angela t.

Knowing the risk factors that contribute to breast cancer can help you evaluate the likelihood of getting the disease. In some cases, it's possible to make changes now that will improve your chances of avoiding it. Here's what researchers know about breast cancer risks:

1. Mensurating longer, having children late

2. Close relatives with breast cancer and genetic predisposition

3. Use of hormone replacement therapy

4. Being overweight

5. Lifestyle risks: being sedentary, exposure to secondhand smoke and drinking alchol

6. "Benign" breast conditions

7. Low sun exposure and lack of Vitamin D

8. Low melatonin and shift work

9. A diet high in fate (especially for breast cancer survivors)

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for more information visit:

The Breast Cancer Prevention PDQ from the National Cancer Institute discusses many of these risk factors and is a good resource. 

According to a new study, some of these risk factors appear to be responsible for differences in breast cancer risk between Chinese and Caucasion postmenopausal Canandian women.

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