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Breast Cancer: Fight Now!

Posted Aug 23 2010 7:15am
The National Cancer Institute estimates that there will be 207,090 new cases of breast cancer in the United States this year with approximately 39,840 deaths. That is over 500 new cases per day!

Fortunately, we are entering an era where much more attention is being focused on actually preventing breast cancer before it happens.  Emerging new research clearly shows us that food and lifestyle choices can make an incredible difference in lowering a person’s risk of breast cancer.  This means that now, perhaps more than ever, we can each choose to proactively fight now against breast cancer.

I wrote Fight Now in order to compile some of this information into a single, easy-to-understand book to help those looking for ways to reduce their breast cancer risk. Whether you are currently fighting breast cancer; are a survivor; or, simply trying to lower your risk, Fight Now gives you concise, critical information that you can start using today. The information in my FREE book will answer questions like
  • What common vegetable might lower breast cancer risk by up to 221%?
  • How much of a simple anti-breast cancer vitamin is needed daily to reduce breast cancer risk by up to 70%?
  • Eliminating what single ingredient might lower breast cancer risk by 253%?
  • Which juicy fruit bursting with antioxidants might lower risk of breast cancer by 94%?
  • Will being overweight really increase breast cancer risk by up to 185%?
  • Which healthy oil might help lower breast cancer risk by 94%?
  • Do cosmetics, bras, implants, or coffee really cause breast cancer?
Many of the breast cancer fighting foods on my list are powerful antioxidants that protect your body from free radical damage.  These include foods like carrots, green tea, apples, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, broccoli, and more.  In additional to learning about cancer fighting foods, my book will help you learn the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, the truth behind many of the myths surrounding breast cancer and my 7-day lifestyle prescription for proactively fighting against breast cancer. 


Proactive cancer prevention through nutrition is critically important to save lives; therefore, I have decided to give my book away for FREE . The feedback I have already received from high-risk individuals and breast cancer patients helped by this research is reward enough.

Please share this book with your family and friends via email and print.
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