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Bottled Water Does Potentially Have Risks Especially related to Breast Cancer

Posted by TC Patient Expert

Before you go buying and drinking that next bottle of water here is some more insightfull research to make you consider your decisions wisely. The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit watchdog group whose goal it is to protect public safety released citing contamination of ten popular brands of bottled water purchased from grocery stores and other retailers in nine states. The lab tests conducted at one of the country's leading water quality labs showed contamination of 38 pollutants with an average of 8 in each brand. What is also striking is that a third of these contaminants are not regulated in bottled water. The contaminants ranged from fertilizers and toxic compounds from chlorination to heavy metals, arsenic, ammonia and even pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the levels exceeded legal limits and the voluntary safety standard. One brand spurred a 78% increase in breast cancer cell proliferation in a separate assay test for breast cancer cell proliferation. This is not to say that all bottled water is bad and that the manufacturers don't care but the fact remains that it is higher risk for a higher price product than you could get at home. Bottled water purchased in PETE bottles would be better than plastic. Volvic brand is one that comes to mind.

Pure filtered water transported and consumed from stainless steel containers as opposed to plasic or plastic lined containers(some stainless steel coated coffee travel mugs) is the better choice and besides it will save you money.

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Very few manufacturers list water quality reports on their sites. Nestle is one of them. See, for example:  

There is more to this problem - it is not only waht we drink but from what bottles. For example, it was found that we can get BPA, a common chemical in the plastic bottles, when consuming beverages from such bottles:

Good news is that  FDA agreed to reconsider BPA safety:

Since reading this article, I now only drink bottled water from plastic labeled Pete, or from a stainless cup. Thank you Tim for this wonderful infomation, and all of your very in-formative articles you have written. You are giving us all what we need, and that is the truth about what we are consuming and how to make wiser and more inteligent decisions. Keep on rockin!!!

is it a possibility that the water they sell on the streets in nyc is causing kidney decease?
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