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Bliss and Bless

Posted Apr 19 2010 9:03pm

Today is my 20th day post early retirement. Some people call me 'A lady of leisure', but I don't really think of that calling as I really have things that I need to do in a day. I have yet to find where the leisure is since I have no house helper or maids. Yes, I have a full schedule ahead of me. My day begins at 5.00am or earlier depending on whether I can sleep the night before or I have awakened for some solidarity time with God.

The list is long but I don't want to mention here because it may look like a daily dairy and I don't want to mention anywhere about my ibadah because I don't want to be misunderstood that I gloat about it. The tasks are many but I leave out the stress and politics from all of them and I kindda like it because I more peaceful and always feel serene. With this peace and freedom, I also have more time to understand the meaning of the Qur'an, and can do zikirs at the same time I do the chores. I am more peaceful and calm like this.

I am really not in leisure but maybe because I am no longer working, it is common to call non-working women as the lady of leisure. So far, I am adjusting well to the schedule and the peace of mind has had a good impact on the body too. I rarely feel the twitching, slicing, prickling and/or throbbing pain in certain parts of my body. The sleep may still be disturbed by the hot flushes but I have found a place at my living room that is comforting enough for me to deal with hot flushes. I still can't do heavy tasks like scrubbing and mopping but I have had a good house helper that comes every Sunday to help me with some of the difficult tasks.

I am happy I can prepare different kind of juice to suit my taste buds. I have received a book from a good friend living in Italy which is written by a Qi Gong Practitioner, Jeff Primack entitled "Conquering Any Disease - the Ultimate High-Phytochemical Food Healing System" and bought a book titled: "Healthy Juices For Blood Type B - For Healthy, Cheerful and energetic Appearance" by Dr Peter J. D'Adamo. These two books has helped me with some good ideas to preparing different juices which give many beneficial and medicinal effects.

In the beginning of consuming the juices, I encounter problems of heartburn and a bloated sensation in the tummy. I found a good tip about the healthy way of drinking juices in one of the books which states: A healthy way of drinking juices is not by swallowing it immediately after sipping it. Sip bit by bit, about half the volume of the mouth. In every swallow/sip, hold for a few second in the mouth and after you feel that it has mixed with your saliva, then only you swallow it slowly. The saliva which contains an enzyme called ptialin will ease the digestion function after it is mixing well with the juice in the mouth. The good digestion function will ensure that the nutrition of the juice is absorbed well by the body system. Drinking the juice this way will avoid you from feeling bloated and having the heartburn.

The book about Conquering Any Disease stated that Acai Berry, Agaricus Blazei Muril (The most potent cancer fighting mushroom), Almond, Aloe Vera Juice, Apple with seeds and skins, Apricot Kernel (Chinese almond), Asparagus (The mighty cancer fighter), Avocado with the big seed, Basil (The powerful herb of healing), Bee Pollen, Beetroot (The miracle healer), Bitter gourd (the Insulin-like substance), Blueberry and blackberries (The Phytochemical blast), Cabbage ( Cancer crusher and stomach healer), Broccoli (The stem is the weapon), Camu Berry (the highest Vitamin c food), Carrots (Special for the lungs and eyes), Cayenne pepper (The immune power), Celery ( The yin medicine at its best), Cilantro (Master of chelation), Cinnamon (Staying balanced), Corn (Producing Lecithin), Cucumber (Blood sugar magic), Eggplants (Cleans out the pipe), Garlic (Always fighting for you), Ginger (Immune boosting agent), Grapefruit and pomelo (the ultimate cancer and disease fighter - white fuzz), Kiwi (Phytochemical powerhouse), Shitake, Maitake, Wood Ear mushrooms (Incredible healing power), Olive oil (The great lubricator), Pineapple (the miracle healing fruit), Raspberry (the potent cancer fighter), Reishi Mushroom (Strengthening immune system) are essential food items that can help us reverse cancer. These are just some of the many food items mentioned in the book.

The weather has been good so far and I have been accommodating and adjusting well to my new way of life. Sometimes, the money issue hits my mind because I still have some financial expenses or commitments to deal with and I know what I have in my saving is fast depleting but the worry is not so tormenting and troubling. I want to do some tuition class in May, yet I am rather concerned that my PET CT Scan gives a result which calls me for another round of chemo. I need my physical, mind and emotion to function well in order to teach the children. I need to be able to remember and construct a sentence well. I don't want lapse of memory or spoonerism (which I am having quite bad nowadays), I need my ability to stand or sit and talk without the huffing and puffing due to short of breath because of the chemo, and the most important thing I need to be able to control my emotions well when dealing the kids.

I am no more sad. La Tahzan for Allah is always with me is the console I give myself... I know I have found a greater love from God and in mankind, I know I found my inner peace with His guidance, I know I am surrounded by many wonderful families and friends. Life is still full of the many bounties. I am blessed that I am able to see and feel that. Thank You Lord!

Thank you for those of you who have no boredom visiting me and listening to the same ol' same ol' stories and updates... Thank you to all who has sent supplications and prayers, I am very sure that my conditions has been helped a lot from those prayers you sent. Thank you for the love for mankind that we transcend beyond creed and belief.

You all have touched my soul... May God bless y'all!

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